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Radiophysics Faculty University Taras Shevchenko
University of Kyiv

Igor O. Anisimov
Dr.Sci., Head of Department

64 Volodimirska street
252017, Kyiv, Ukraine
38 (044) 266-0552

Good day! Here I present for your attention the directions of my scientific activity with the list of published articles to the every topic. My book "Oscillations and waves" written to the course of lectures and seminars with the same title offered at the separate section. On the page "Courses of lectures" you could find short descriptions of all courses of lectures that I teach. If you are interested at the plasma physics, you are very welcome to our scientific seminars. Also you could become familiar with selected articles on Science of Kyiv. However, the whole contents of my book and articles on Science of Kyiv available only in Ukrainian. If you have any questions or wishes, you can contact me via addresses indicated in my calling card.

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