09/05/2000Anisimov I.O.The report on conferences at Kharkiv and Chernigiv
09/12/2000Anisimov I.O.1.The usage of electromagnetic potentials an the tasks for transition radiation
2.On the possible outline of the calculation of waves' linear transformation
09/19/2000Siversky T.V.Nuclear energy by the scheme reactor-accelerator (by materials of Kharkiv conference)
09/26/2000Schur O.V.1.The radiation of acoustic waves on the falling a solid into the water
2.A report on the radioelectronics competition in Sevastopol
10/02/2000Kelnyk O.I.On whistler transition radiation in the active beam-plasma experiments an the ionosphere (various models)
10/09/2000Michnenko O.On some optical characteristics for liquid crystals
10/16/2000Voronov I.M.Plasma-beam interaction at the ionosphere and laboratory plasma. Abstract of the S.Torven report on ICPIG-24
10/23/2000Mishak A.Observation of cavitons at the upper ionosphere of the Earth. Sinopsis of reports at the ICPIG-24
10/30/2000Levitsky S.M.Drift waves at plasma. A lecture
11/07/2000Lizunov G.V.The narrative about the conference at Warsaw and Tokyo (2000)
11/14/2000Siversky T.V.The usage of dynamic chaos phenomena at the noise generator for information coding (synopsis)
11/21/2000Voronov I.M.Transition radiation at the mediums with multi-dimensional random homogeneities
11/28/2000Kelnyk O.I.On the transversal length of the formation zone of the transition radiation at the anisotropic plasma
12/05/2000Tyazhemov V.K.The usage of window Fourier transformation for calculation time alteration of spectrum transition radiation for current pulse
12/12/2000Mishak A.Transition radiation on the weak three-dimensional heterogeneity of anisotropic plasma (nonresonant mode)
12/19/2000Mishko S.Transition radiation of the modulated ion stream on the sharp border of plasma with tangential magnetic field
12/26/2000Tutashkonko T.Transition radiation of the modulated electron stream at the weakly heterogeneous plasma with infinitely large magnetic field
02/06/2001Mytihin Yu.V.Fluctuation of decametr signals at the ionosphere channels with sloping probe. A dissertation
02/03/2001Kelnyk O.I.Radiation of pulse electron beam at the space plasma. The abstracts of articles by K.Harker and P.Banks
02/20/2001Anisimov I.O.Turbulence at the ideal liquids. The abstracts of articles by S.S.Moiseev
02/27/2001 The methodical seminar about questions of computers' usage at the educational process
13/02/2001Kelnyk O.I.Transition radiation of electron beams and bunches at the active experiments at the ionosphere. By materials of dissertation
03/20/2001Levitsky S.M.Plasma diagnostics by probe methods. A lecture
03/27/2001Sigalovsky D.Yu.Radiation ecology (a short report by materials of the book)
04/10/2001Anisimov I.O.The project "Variant" (the synopsis of the article of Lisunov G.V.,etc.)
04/09/2001Anisimov I.O., Kelnyk O.I.On the project of program package for the computational modeling of beam-plasma systems by method of particles
09/25/2001Siversky T.V.The development of the simulation program by large particles method
10/16/2001Anisimov I.O.On the Ukrainian conference on the problems of perspective space research
10/23/2001Kelnyk O.I.Transition radiation at the conditions of beam-plasma experiments. By materials of dissertation
10/30/2001Soroka S.V.The deformation of plasma's concentration profile by field of modulated electron beam
11/06/2001Lizunov G.V.The physics of magnetosphere. Part 1
11/13/2001Zaliznyak Yu.O.Solitary waves and vortex structures in plasma with encountering of higher order dispersion. By materials of the dissertation
11/20/2001Kelnyk O.I.Active experiments at the space plasma. Sources review
11/27/2001Lizunov G.V.The physics of magnetosphere. Part 2
12/04/2001Anisimov I.O.About the resonance cone at the magnetoactive plasma
12/11/2001Nychyporuk T.V.Transition radiation at the strongly magnetized weakly-heterogeneous plasma
12/18/2001Tyazhemov V.K.Spatial selection of the transition radiation by frequencies
12/25/2001Voronov I.M.Dusty plasma. An overall review
01/08/2002Levitsky S.M.Dusty plasma. A general historic review
02/12/2002Anisimov I.O.Transition radiation of the modulated electron beam on the border metal-anisotropic plasma
02/19/2002Tyazhemov V.K.Spatial selection of transition radiation of cylindrical bunch by frequencies
03/05/2002Nychyporuk T.V.Transition radiation of the modulated electron stream at the strongly inhomogeneous magnetized plasma
03/12/2002Anisimov I.O.The report on the trip to France. Part 1. Orleans
03/19/2002Anisimov I.O.The report on the trip to France. Part 2. Paris
03/26/2002Schur O.V.Modified KPR noise generator schematics
04/02/2002Musatenko K.S.Plasma barriers transillumination due to the electrons' reflection from the walls of a potential well
04/09/2002Nychyporuk T.V.Parametric interaction of four waves (after the article by V.Krasnosselkikh and B.Lefebre)
04/16/2002Litoshenko TarasCalculation of the permittivity tensor of the anisotropic plasma in the cynetic approximation

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