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I present for your attention three articles written for various journals:

To the history of buildings on the Far caves at the Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra.

Architectural ensemble that formed over Far caves at the Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra belongs to the most significant samples of Ukrainian baroque architecture. None from the serious books about Ukrainian architecture of that period do not pass the description of the central buildings of the mentioned ensemble the church of Blessed Virgin Christmas and the belfry. More detailed analysis of the architecture of these and other buildings on the Far caves could be found at the books on architecture of Kyiv and Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra. However existing literary (first of all the Pecherskiy Paterik) and the graphic sources give us possibilities of the more detailed characterization the history of ensemble's formation, its artistic features, and its memorial values. Such attempt was done in that work.

To the history of architectural ensemble of the Near caves at the Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra.

Exaltation of the Cross church. It is known that existing nowadays church of the Exaltation of the Vivifying Cross at the Near caves of Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra was created at the 1700 on the donation of Poltava colonel Pavlo Gercik. The western annex of the church is usually dated in the literary from the middle 18th century to 1838. In the article was made an attempt to prove that this annex is the oldest stone church built by Petro Mohyla in the period of 1630th-1640th.

Kyiv stone architecture at the times of Petro Mohyla: the problem of style.

The age of Petro Mohyla now attracts researchers both because of increasing of the interests to the native history, due to the declaration of independence of Ukraine and in the connection with recent (year 1997) celebration of four-hundredth anniversary of this eminent figure and his canonization by Orthodox churches of Ukraine. The analysis of the building activity of Petro Mohyla shows that it resides in the frame works of Renaissance and early baroque according to the progressive artistic style of the epoch.

Baroque reconstruction of the central temples in Kyiv at the end of XVII - at the beginning of XVIII century.

The end of XVII - the beginning of XVIII century signifies the epoch of the rapid building in Kyiv. The end of the Ruin age, relative stabilization of the life created prerequisites for the building boom unprecedented from the times of Kyiv Russia. Cossack foremen led by Getmans worked for the strengthening of the Orthodoxy triumph on the lands of Getmans by means of the new temples creation. In addition to the new building, at the accordance with the new tastes the large-scale reconstruction of grand dukes' buildings started fifty years earlier by Petro Mohyla also takes place. Saint Sophia temple, Saint Michael's, Cathedral of Golden domes and Assumption Cathedral of Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra that reconstructed in this age have many common features that are not seriated in other buildings. These features are analyzed in the article.

The whole text of these articles you can find at the Ukrainian variant.

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